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A Journey From Colombia to the UK

Meet the founder Vanessa Garcia Barbosa, University of Greenwich MBA graduate and winner of the Enterprise Challenge Recognition Award 2017.

Sense the Difference

Colombia is recognized worldwide for its exquisite Arabica coffee that is characterized by its mild flavour and superior quality. The country is currently the No. 1 global producer of specialty coffee.

Casa Barbosa

Single Origin Coffee is coffee made from beans grown in a unique farm, region or country. Its exquisite flavor, aroma and body are the result that its beans are not mix with others of different origins. A single origin coffee highlights the original character and special attributes of the region in which is cultivated and processed.

Casa Barbosa

The Colombian coffee cultural landscape was declared by the UNESCO as a world heritage site, famous for growing one of the best coffees in the world. Its beautiful lands are part of the mountain range of the central Andes, with soils which are rich in organic matter and home to inactive volcanos; such as the ‘nevado del Quindio’ that contributes to the earth with volcanic ash, further enriching crops with valuable minerals.